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Saturday, April 9, 2016

S3E Goodbye 12F - Preview

Adios Amigos 12F! In this story, we’ll say goodbye to Season 3E and thus the 10Ds, 11Fs and 12Fs. This is not an ordinary story, but a message dedicated to all the Season 3E characters and everyone else!

Tears of Farewell
It was their last day of school – 24th June. Next to meet them will be their new colleagues in a new environment. The bonds between the 12Fs shall be sealed along with the memories. It was the time to bid farewell…

Their last chance was that day to say goodbye, along with chasing hopes, dreams and careers. Right at that day 25 years later, they shall reunite in an indomitable bond. Before all that, however, they would need to part ways first, and it wasn’t an easy task when their relationship was stronger than the mountains. What happened next in that day shall never be forgotten.

The class started as usual, but with a few twists: their schedules for that day were none other than a student-teacher conference, saying goodbye to all the teachers and classmates. Well, not everyone has the same idea.

“Boby, you’re so frivolous,”

The first teacher to say goodbye was Ms. Sondra, the English teacher. He was amused by the sentence, laughing at it. Moving onto the sobs, she started a video she had prepared beforehand and revealed it to the whole class. What it contained were texts of brilliance and perseverance.

Well guys, this is it. The final effigy and the final piece. I have been amazed by the class and I should not ever forget the perseverance you have to sustain your existence in this school. I should’ve known the difficulty of staying at school after those limiting rules given by the authorities, but we’ll never know. You’re brilliant, and I knew that since the dawn of time. I do not know my qualities, but I knew yours. Oh, what have I done to deserve such an amazing class?

Anyway, you are all getting close to the final conviction. Like a demanding baby you should cry. Like a convicted criminal you should beg. For life, for freedom. The future awaits those who passed the mediocrity of High School. I wish every single one of you… the best of hopes
Your life, as of today, has just started, my dear

The video went down abruptly by a single click of the mouse. Ms. Sondra stood up and gave a proof of her English Proficiency, which turned out to be first-class. Never in their lives had a teacher gave that sets of sentences before as it bombarded their inner self, their pure heart. Some of the girls started to shed tears from their magnificent eyes who was startled already by the video.
Well, the rest of the hour was used as a patriotic farewell session where every one of them received golden words from her as the last words they’ll ever speak in person. Some more had tears on their eyes while it is on transit.

Next on that day was none other than their own CA: Mr. Gabriel. It was quite a straightforward session and no emotions were involved… until he started to read an account. It was filled with words none other would have imagined its usage.

Well… I don’t have much words to say. Describing all of you would be a menace; I do not and will not henceforth be able to describe the situations with all of you. Each and every one of you are unique in your own way and no one can shackle you for those talents. It was so dynamic in nature that I just haven’t got a word of it. Even during my childhood I couldn’t describe all my friends properly.
When I was on your age, I personally was all of you combined: brilliant and troublesome at the same time. Detentions were common for me and for ages I have lived with such for a decade. I have seen violence – more than you can ever imagine – but I never see a cocktail of success. It is the contribution of all of you which caused a stronger than ever bond, built inside you

Before we bid farewell, I have a few requests for some of you. Please be responsible, particularly the boys and be organized, particularly Virya. Plan your future; the stars were still far away. If you seemed to be lost, a way will always be there to be passed.

He folded the paper and started to cry. Everyone in the class did the same. In a standing ovation, everyone gathered in front just to say their hopes and wishes to their beloved CA who has been accompanying them for 2 years. Neither he nor the students would forgot the day.
The day continued by 3 further farewells given by their teachers: Mr. Wayan the Math teacher, Mr. Deny the PE teacher and Mr. Patrick the Physics teacher. Everyone maximized their time to give their regards to all teachers involved. Well, everyone except one…

Avi stood behind everyone else whenever the teachers taught all of them, one by one, their wishes. Her face seemed to wear out, dim in color. Moods were dampened in an area near her and it should be noticeable. The environment, however, denied it. She was more concerned on the farewell than wishes and regards. She has lost too much previously and she vowed not to lose anyone again.

In the middle of a conversation, however, that behavior was very obvious. Naya noticed it first-hand.

“Avi, what’s wrong?” she asked after Avi acted strange. It’s neither sadness nor disgust nor anger.

“Nothing, I’m just a bit nostalgic,” she replied, trying to escape interrogation. Anxiety is one thing one wouldn’t notice, however Naya and Virya were the duo who will, and did

“Oh no, Avi, don’t lie to me. I knew from that expression whether it’s true or not!” she exclaimed while pointing her index finger at Avi and continued, “There’s something much deeper happening inside you, so tell me about it,”

She went silent for a few seconds before telling Naya her anecdote.

Avi’s Dreams

After Avi finished her account, she felt relieved. A large burden has been released from deep within. However, she didn’t know what Naya would reply in response to the long story. Naya continued her sentence, acting like her mother.

“You should cherish what you’ve gotten since the start of your life, Avi. Trust me, everything will go, so let them go if they have to,”

What are your dreams? I have one, and that should be explained in the next section of this story.

You shall see the life as it is of mine
(End of Preview)

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