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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy (2014) - Learn how to be yourself, finding your Identity!

The second one is about a fairytale that came from the world of Peter Pan: Tinker Bell


This movie, is the official production of DisneyToon studios and is part of the Disney Fairies franchise. Released by April 2014, the movie's plot resembles Frozen from a year before this movie. This movie was once named as Quest for the Queen

Personal Statistics

A bit of a feminime movie, however the lesson we can derive is suitable for all genders

Overall Score: 74/100

  1. Audio/Video: 25/30
  2. Characters: 9/10
  3. Storyline: 43/60
The graphic, as usual, were great apart of a few hard-to-see glitches. But what interests me the most is the chosen music. Great choice indeed. But this time, Disney seemed to ignore the details and created a rough picture instead

The characters were great and developed, although some fans protested on Tinker Bell sister (Periwinkle)'s passive role in this movie. But overall, this is one of the character-intensive movie created by Disney (following Cars and Toy Story)

The storyline is magnificent. The 'poppy make everyone sleep' and the 'talent switching' part were convincing and create a double twist. The third twist also happened in the end part of the story where betrayal happened (resembled Hans's betrayal in Frozen). However, once more, as in Frozen, they need to show Zarina's capabilities of the new talent she invented herself and how does that help Pixie Hollow because the story seemed to be unfinished

Overall, apart from a slight glitch, the movie was great, fighting for number 1 with Maleficent and Frozen

Special: Disney Fairies Discontinuation

A debut has been going about the closure of Disney Fairies, with the Legend of NeverBeast as the last ever movie. If Disney couldn't make enough profit with this new movie, probability is that Disney will close down Disney Fairies for good. But just hope that it wouldn't happen


Status: Ongoing
Title: Tinker Bell: Legend of NeverBeast
Release Date: Mar-May 2015
Plot: Adventure in defending the NeverBeast (approximately)
Disney Fairies will make the sequel of this with Fawn as the main character (not Tinker Bell), and would possibly the last movie

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