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Monday, April 11, 2016

S3E Blind Date of Shantika - Short Story Preview

Patrick's Diary
Dear diary,

I was sitting in front of the fireplace when I thought about that seemingly-impossible idea. A man of watches and luxuries making out with a woman of traditional and conventional life. I fell for her in the first sight and I thought that it would be it; it's the end of it. Now however, I knew I was wrong. It managed to break through the cultural barrier and made it to my mind. It was so powerful that it could take down even the strongest of men. Let her dance for 10 seconds and two thousand men would come for her. Even for my standard, she was an unbeatable girl
The problem still lied on the barriers. A lot of it must be passed to even talk to her again. Her location was unknown, but I had hoped that she would be in the same spot. Right there, at the Kensington and Barbadas, no A2 in block 18, just 300m from the airport. The clock soon struck 18 times, indicating another hour has passed since the thought came into my mind. I never think as long as this.  Never did. All my plans for the evening was ruined by that simple thought. Well, it's probably the right time to rest. Taking my phone and her datas, I went upstairs to my room
Inside, I changed my tux and jewelleries to pajamas and laid down on my bed. I read the data once again. She was ear-level high and slim. She worked as a sensitive erotic dancer and worked independently. Most important of all, she was beautiful

"...Looking at the photos for the last time, I finally went to bed", Irina said

She was in the Southern Beach, located just outside Birmingham further to the south. The beach was connected directly to the A2 heading to Kensy/Birmingham and it enclosed 300m of the Southern coast heading to the sea and 18 km alongside the coast. No palm trees were in sight, only a small population of coconuts that enclosed the entrance of the beach. At some points, the trees left out a small gap which was filled by entrance posts. The sea water was gleaming blue and crystal clear because no trashes were traced on the surface. No lifeforms were found near the shore which made the beach safe for water sports.

Glancing towards the sea, she could see 2 jet skis which was driven by Avi and Elena, a parachute with Dennis on it and her canoe. She was telling Virya about Patrick and his return to Dubai, AFR for Shantika - the dancer girl. He left Birmingham 4 hours ago without any goodbye. By the time she realized that a man is missing, he already left with leaving his diary behind.

"Mmm... Yeah, it can be true that he's going back to see her," Virya said, "But why did he left without any announcements?"

"That's what I've been trying to figure out," she responded, averting her eyes from him, "Nobody has any prior ideas of his departure, you know. He must've planned it behind our back"

Virya sighed. That was the most unforgettable trip they ever experience. Walking through the Barbado Mountain, the Road of Kensi where the 2080 movie "Kenzo" was filmed and the Chuck Norriz Blitz was the landmarks of Dubai and one can only saw it once.

"Of course, but what made you jump into the conclusion that he left to Dubai for her?"

She laid down on the sand. Looking dead ahead, she sighed and said, "He wrote in his diary Kensington and Barbadas, which was an area in Dubai. He also wrote the block correctly, so... I thought that he would leave to Dubai. He wrote about his love with the dancer girl, and the only dancer we've met is Shantika, so that concludes everything"

The sun started to fade away as they watched a beautiful sunset. All of their friends were already back, but they were still busy on their own. Avi and Dennis went to buy some food, a few kilometers down the street and Elena slept beside Irina. Irina was lullabied by the sunset, however Virya kept asking questions that kept her awake

"Our trip wasn't that bad, right? We enjoyed that moment in the mountain"
"Yeah... The Kensington and Barbadas area were great as well"

Well, that can't hold her up for long. By the time that only half of the sun was visible, she fell asleep... In an awkward position indeed. He spent the rest of the time by analyzing the evidences with his trip while everyone's asleep. The lights were turned on and illuminated the whole beach dimly which was enough to read. What else could be the conclusion of this case? He knew for sure that Patrick wouldn't go anywhere without telling anyone first, except if it was still national. Did she made the wrong conclusion, or Patrick really changed drastically? No one knew. Suddenly, he spotted something in the diary. Something that made this case crystal clear. She missed a very critical point that once missed, she will jump to the wrong conclusion. Patrick never left Dubai. However, the question still remained on where is he in Earth
After he photographed the sleeping scene because Irina was sleeping in an awkward position, he woke them up for dinner as soon as Dennis and Avi were back. While eating, they discussed about Patrick

"He should be arriving at Dubai in 5 hours. I can't believe he left without any goodbye," Avi started

"Yeah, that's very much disturbing. He never left without saying goodbye and this is his first time," Irina responded

"Hey, he might be in a hurry and he forgot to tell us," Dennis said

"Think positive," Elena ended

Virya was silent throughout the entire dinner, smiling on the thing to come

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