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Monday, May 9, 2016

School is Over: Apology

Well, this marks the end of school. It's been a very long 12 years journey, from Elementary, Junior High/Middle School to Senior High/High School. On the way of the journey, there are several bumps. Passing through all the bumps, I have troubled many of my friends.

I'm sorry

I know that it's too late to apologize, it's been years anyway. However, gratitude always come from the deepest of heart. No matter what I've done, there's always a glimpse of light that you remembered. Can you see that light? Hatred and greed will always be your enemy. They would close your eyes, preventing you from seeing the light in your heart. Be humble and lovely; you shall again see what is right.

I'll mention names now
This was my personal experience.

Yovan, Michelle, Divia - Season 2 (Grd 7-9)
It all started with this combination. Yovan - the son of the principal at that time - was the proprietor of all of this. I was blinded by hatred against him that I couldn't see the fun, cheerful side of Michelle or the humble side of Divia. Instead I disturbed them, a lot. So many that I lost count.

What I did was wrong. I failed to see the good side of them because of hatred. Right as of the day I published this post, whenever I saw Yovan, I could still feel those anger albeit a little. I have spoiled the chance from the two to enter their worlds and now the door has been closed for me.

For Michelle: I don't know if you'll ever open those doors in your heart, but what I do know is that you should still remember the time when you're having problems in Excel. I couldn't say enough apology for you, but nevertheless, good luck on your life and your relationship. For you, I'll give one tip regarding LDR: patience. If he loved you that bad, he won't go from your side, ever. If he did go away, then he is playing with your feelings. If you miss him, video call. When he came back, you'll be the first to greet him.

For Divia: Thank you for your understanding. I knew that we won't be able to return to the state before I disturbed you, but I think it's the best solution. Still, Divia, I wished we can go back to be friends again, as one the first person I knew from Xaverius. If there's still some aspects of me that's still bugging you, I'm sorry to do that. I have done wrong, but still everyone deserved a second chance, including Yovan. I have given him the second chance - will you?

For Yovan: Well, as I said above: Second chance. You may be the one who over-read the Bible, but still I saw a lot of things from you. Speech? Awesome. Computer? Good. Leadership? Good. Although you have been the most struggling person I've ever faced, I will forgive you for what you've done to me, and to them indirectly. I would also like to say sorry, especially for slapping your face with a folder. As I said above again, I couldn't say enough apology

Erika - Season 3 (Grd 10)
...and all that continues on Grade 10! Well, one student in my Grade 10 did behave much like Yovan - with less Biblical approach. Still, he reminded me of Yovan - he-who-must-not-be-named Hardi. I will only type that name once though. I, again, was blinded. I couldn't see the soft, humble and heavenly side of her. What I see of her since that day was fury - burned ash.

Again, I have burned my chance of becoming her friend. I couldn't see even a glimpse of light and this was the reason that I do not dare to even talk to her: It would set her fury on fire again. As a form of regret, a story was based on this which tells everyone the prediction of the things to come if that fateful day didn't happen: Erika (Season 4S) - that's the title

I have broken the 2nd Buddhist law and the 7th (or 8th for Christians) law of the ten commandment. Well, I couldn't turn back time. What I can do now, however, is this:

For Erika: If you read from above, you should know how screwed I am. Well, I am screwed since that day. It's not hatred that brought me to do such thing, it's envy. Envy that you could be friends with such a... well, you know, the one who must-not-be-named. Still, it pains me on the reason why I did it. I couldn't say enough apology to clear this, right? Well... I'm sorry. Thank you for becoming a good classmate before that day and thanks for the warning you gave me at that time. I must be a jerk to you - you helped me but I hurt you. I'm sorry for that.

Honorable Mentions
Now let's discuss the one who left the school too soon. They aren't leaving without leaving a memory behind though

Yoga - Season Introductory (Kindergarten)
Starting with my Kindergarten friend... That's a long, long time. Some said that he might be my imaginary friend, but it's not for me. He left some good memories, kickstarting my school life quite good. I wish I could meet him again now, but I wouldn't know his face, right?

Cella Eveline - Season 2 (Grd 8)
Jumping to the Middle school was the new student Cella who joined us for a couple of months before moving back to Jakarta. She left at 14 October, in the middle of the bazaar preparation. She left behind not only her responsibility, but also memories. There were still photos of her along with the other girls. As of this day, I couldn't forget her for her gentle attitude towards everything

K Irina Putri - Season 3E (Grd 11)
Well, she is one hell of a girl. I would be suggesting that her Y chromosome disappeared somehow and the X chromosome took its place. Still, she's number one in class and outside the class - according to the boys, at least

For Yovan, Divia, Michelle and Erika
If you have read all the way to the bottom of this post - not skipping through - then congratulations. As a token of appreciation, I will make a short story which will feature all 4 of you. Contained in it will be my wishes.

For Yovan only: our new path has just begun

Thursday, May 5, 2016

S3E Final Plea - Preview


Avi sat down on the only chair there is in the room, bringing files of records that stood against and on him. In the room, the whoosh of wind, the clank of the files hitting the table and her voice was the only sound they can hear. The room was painted black with a small open window behind him, a one-sided transparent glass behind her and a door to the right of her which was locked from the outside. After she placed the records in order, she stared at a pair of eyes in front of her. The discussion for plead started

“Where were you last night?”

“I was in my house, watching The Heir,”

She gave him a threatening stare right away. He seemed confident with his answer, but she was searching for the word

“But one of the witnesses spotted you going out in a blue sweater,” she asked softly like asking a rhetorical question
She showed the picture to him which was taken by the witness she was talking about. His expression didn’t show any changes and the guard reported no body part movements which suggested positive result.

“I took out the trash at that time,”

It seemed logical since he held something that can be called a trash bag. She wrote the testimony down and continued with another evidence

“What about the red Mustang?”

In the next evidence, a security camera photographed a red Mustang parked in front of the warehouse which was the crime scene described in the manifest she read beforehand. After the number plate was analyzed and backtracked, it went back to him. She suspiciously suggested that he was the legal owner of the car. If he wasn’t the suspect, what his car’s doing at the crime scene a few seconds before the murder? The security signaled a slow but sure hand-rubbing movement

“Someone tricked me. He must’ve stolen my car,”

“Really? When did you see it last?”

His face muscles vibrated; her eyes were looming for him. She waited for a plea spoken right from his own conscience. Her body was still, casting shadows at him in a distinctive manner: Shadows of doubt of fate. He averted his eyes from her, rolling his eyes in disguise of his sense of humanity.

“2 days ago,” he said in a surprising confidence. She could feel that the war was about to be concluded.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Michelle's Definition of Life

Featuring Michelle Atalya's post
Check it out at her blog!
Due to issues, I have modified the contents of this insert, but feel free to read the full story there as she has A LOT to say!

Do you know that feeling when all you ever wanted to do is screaming? That, my friend, is all I wanted to do right now. It felt as if you wanted to cry until tears turned to blood because you just can't bear with it anymore. I think the world became more vicious than before. People nowadays are selfish and I am, once, a selfish girl.

When I really need someone beside me, they weren't really there. Even though they were there for me in several occasions, I don't know whether they really did care or just curious of what happened. I didn't even know who should I trust anymore. I realized eventually, after all these years, that I don't know anything about this world. What the hell do I know? Poor me.

I'm just tired in dealing with this life. I just hate... myself.

The Darkness Within - S9B

Note: This is a story from my grade 9, copied from paper to digital

Jessica, a blonde maiden wearing her cotton blouse and her typical blue shorts strolled along the granite pavement. In that late night, nothing can be heard apart from the crickets chirping. She approached the nearby campfire in front of her – glowing in bright red flames – and squatted close to the fire. Nothing can be seen beyond the fireplace, but she could see the dark brown soil surrounding the pavement.

Then she heard a loud crackle

She rapidly stared at the source and saw nothing but darkness. She started to feel a surge of adrenaline in her blood; she was ready to engage. Hidden inside her blouse was a sturdy steel dagger decorated with carvings of a snake on its handle.

A loud crack of thunder was heard in a distance, providing enough time for her to see the culprit. Without even the ability to describe the figure properly, she flung her dagger recklessly. A wail was heard next, followed by a solid boom. The wind quickly rampaged, dousing the fire as she felt frigid. Something arose within her as she dashed away from the crime scene.

Perversity is the human thirst for self-torture. There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand

She bolted down the pavement. She could feel the inexistence of time; the deprivation of hope. As the wolves let off their first and last howl, she staggered into a complete stop. She was slowly spacing out in dormancy before losing total control over her own body. Something inside her has awaken from its prolonged hibernation

An immense evil force has begun their vivacious assault

Monday, April 11, 2016

S3E Blind Date of Shantika - Short Story Preview

Patrick's Diary
Dear diary,

I was sitting in front of the fireplace when I thought about that seemingly-impossible idea. A man of watches and luxuries making out with a woman of traditional and conventional life. I fell for her in the first sight and I thought that it would be it; it's the end of it. Now however, I knew I was wrong. It managed to break through the cultural barrier and made it to my mind. It was so powerful that it could take down even the strongest of men. Let her dance for 10 seconds and two thousand men would come for her. Even for my standard, she was an unbeatable girl
The problem still lied on the barriers. A lot of it must be passed to even talk to her again. Her location was unknown, but I had hoped that she would be in the same spot. Right there, at the Kensington and Barbadas, no A2 in block 18, just 300m from the airport. The clock soon struck 18 times, indicating another hour has passed since the thought came into my mind. I never think as long as this.  Never did. All my plans for the evening was ruined by that simple thought. Well, it's probably the right time to rest. Taking my phone and her datas, I went upstairs to my room
Inside, I changed my tux and jewelleries to pajamas and laid down on my bed. I read the data once again. She was ear-level high and slim. She worked as a sensitive erotic dancer and worked independently. Most important of all, she was beautiful

"...Looking at the photos for the last time, I finally went to bed", Irina said

She was in the Southern Beach, located just outside Birmingham further to the south. The beach was connected directly to the A2 heading to Kensy/Birmingham and it enclosed 300m of the Southern coast heading to the sea and 18 km alongside the coast. No palm trees were in sight, only a small population of coconuts that enclosed the entrance of the beach. At some points, the trees left out a small gap which was filled by entrance posts. The sea water was gleaming blue and crystal clear because no trashes were traced on the surface. No lifeforms were found near the shore which made the beach safe for water sports.

Glancing towards the sea, she could see 2 jet skis which was driven by Avi and Elena, a parachute with Dennis on it and her canoe. She was telling Virya about Patrick and his return to Dubai, AFR for Shantika - the dancer girl. He left Birmingham 4 hours ago without any goodbye. By the time she realized that a man is missing, he already left with leaving his diary behind.

"Mmm... Yeah, it can be true that he's going back to see her," Virya said, "But why did he left without any announcements?"

"That's what I've been trying to figure out," she responded, averting her eyes from him, "Nobody has any prior ideas of his departure, you know. He must've planned it behind our back"

Virya sighed. That was the most unforgettable trip they ever experience. Walking through the Barbado Mountain, the Road of Kensi where the 2080 movie "Kenzo" was filmed and the Chuck Norriz Blitz was the landmarks of Dubai and one can only saw it once.

"Of course, but what made you jump into the conclusion that he left to Dubai for her?"

She laid down on the sand. Looking dead ahead, she sighed and said, "He wrote in his diary Kensington and Barbadas, which was an area in Dubai. He also wrote the block correctly, so... I thought that he would leave to Dubai. He wrote about his love with the dancer girl, and the only dancer we've met is Shantika, so that concludes everything"

The sun started to fade away as they watched a beautiful sunset. All of their friends were already back, but they were still busy on their own. Avi and Dennis went to buy some food, a few kilometers down the street and Elena slept beside Irina. Irina was lullabied by the sunset, however Virya kept asking questions that kept her awake

"Our trip wasn't that bad, right? We enjoyed that moment in the mountain"
"Yeah... The Kensington and Barbadas area were great as well"

Well, that can't hold her up for long. By the time that only half of the sun was visible, she fell asleep... In an awkward position indeed. He spent the rest of the time by analyzing the evidences with his trip while everyone's asleep. The lights were turned on and illuminated the whole beach dimly which was enough to read. What else could be the conclusion of this case? He knew for sure that Patrick wouldn't go anywhere without telling anyone first, except if it was still national. Did she made the wrong conclusion, or Patrick really changed drastically? No one knew. Suddenly, he spotted something in the diary. Something that made this case crystal clear. She missed a very critical point that once missed, she will jump to the wrong conclusion. Patrick never left Dubai. However, the question still remained on where is he in Earth
After he photographed the sleeping scene because Irina was sleeping in an awkward position, he woke them up for dinner as soon as Dennis and Avi were back. While eating, they discussed about Patrick

"He should be arriving at Dubai in 5 hours. I can't believe he left without any goodbye," Avi started

"Yeah, that's very much disturbing. He never left without saying goodbye and this is his first time," Irina responded

"Hey, he might be in a hurry and he forgot to tell us," Dennis said

"Think positive," Elena ended

Virya was silent throughout the entire dinner, smiling on the thing to come

Saturday, April 9, 2016

S3E Goodbye 12F - Preview

Adios Amigos 12F! In this story, we’ll say goodbye to Season 3E and thus the 10Ds, 11Fs and 12Fs. This is not an ordinary story, but a message dedicated to all the Season 3E characters and everyone else!

Tears of Farewell
It was their last day of school – 24th June. Next to meet them will be their new colleagues in a new environment. The bonds between the 12Fs shall be sealed along with the memories. It was the time to bid farewell…

Their last chance was that day to say goodbye, along with chasing hopes, dreams and careers. Right at that day 25 years later, they shall reunite in an indomitable bond. Before all that, however, they would need to part ways first, and it wasn’t an easy task when their relationship was stronger than the mountains. What happened next in that day shall never be forgotten.

The class started as usual, but with a few twists: their schedules for that day were none other than a student-teacher conference, saying goodbye to all the teachers and classmates. Well, not everyone has the same idea.

“Boby, you’re so frivolous,”

The first teacher to say goodbye was Ms. Sondra, the English teacher. He was amused by the sentence, laughing at it. Moving onto the sobs, she started a video she had prepared beforehand and revealed it to the whole class. What it contained were texts of brilliance and perseverance.

Well guys, this is it. The final effigy and the final piece. I have been amazed by the class and I should not ever forget the perseverance you have to sustain your existence in this school. I should’ve known the difficulty of staying at school after those limiting rules given by the authorities, but we’ll never know. You’re brilliant, and I knew that since the dawn of time. I do not know my qualities, but I knew yours. Oh, what have I done to deserve such an amazing class?

Anyway, you are all getting close to the final conviction. Like a demanding baby you should cry. Like a convicted criminal you should beg. For life, for freedom. The future awaits those who passed the mediocrity of High School. I wish every single one of you… the best of hopes
Your life, as of today, has just started, my dear

The video went down abruptly by a single click of the mouse. Ms. Sondra stood up and gave a proof of her English Proficiency, which turned out to be first-class. Never in their lives had a teacher gave that sets of sentences before as it bombarded their inner self, their pure heart. Some of the girls started to shed tears from their magnificent eyes who was startled already by the video.
Well, the rest of the hour was used as a patriotic farewell session where every one of them received golden words from her as the last words they’ll ever speak in person. Some more had tears on their eyes while it is on transit.

Next on that day was none other than their own CA: Mr. Gabriel. It was quite a straightforward session and no emotions were involved… until he started to read an account. It was filled with words none other would have imagined its usage.

Well… I don’t have much words to say. Describing all of you would be a menace; I do not and will not henceforth be able to describe the situations with all of you. Each and every one of you are unique in your own way and no one can shackle you for those talents. It was so dynamic in nature that I just haven’t got a word of it. Even during my childhood I couldn’t describe all my friends properly.
When I was on your age, I personally was all of you combined: brilliant and troublesome at the same time. Detentions were common for me and for ages I have lived with such for a decade. I have seen violence – more than you can ever imagine – but I never see a cocktail of success. It is the contribution of all of you which caused a stronger than ever bond, built inside you

Before we bid farewell, I have a few requests for some of you. Please be responsible, particularly the boys and be organized, particularly Virya. Plan your future; the stars were still far away. If you seemed to be lost, a way will always be there to be passed.

He folded the paper and started to cry. Everyone in the class did the same. In a standing ovation, everyone gathered in front just to say their hopes and wishes to their beloved CA who has been accompanying them for 2 years. Neither he nor the students would forgot the day.
The day continued by 3 further farewells given by their teachers: Mr. Wayan the Math teacher, Mr. Deny the PE teacher and Mr. Patrick the Physics teacher. Everyone maximized their time to give their regards to all teachers involved. Well, everyone except one…

Avi stood behind everyone else whenever the teachers taught all of them, one by one, their wishes. Her face seemed to wear out, dim in color. Moods were dampened in an area near her and it should be noticeable. The environment, however, denied it. She was more concerned on the farewell than wishes and regards. She has lost too much previously and she vowed not to lose anyone again.

In the middle of a conversation, however, that behavior was very obvious. Naya noticed it first-hand.

“Avi, what’s wrong?” she asked after Avi acted strange. It’s neither sadness nor disgust nor anger.

“Nothing, I’m just a bit nostalgic,” she replied, trying to escape interrogation. Anxiety is one thing one wouldn’t notice, however Naya and Virya were the duo who will, and did

“Oh no, Avi, don’t lie to me. I knew from that expression whether it’s true or not!” she exclaimed while pointing her index finger at Avi and continued, “There’s something much deeper happening inside you, so tell me about it,”

She went silent for a few seconds before telling Naya her anecdote.

Avi’s Dreams

After Avi finished her account, she felt relieved. A large burden has been released from deep within. However, she didn’t know what Naya would reply in response to the long story. Naya continued her sentence, acting like her mother.

“You should cherish what you’ve gotten since the start of your life, Avi. Trust me, everything will go, so let them go if they have to,”

What are your dreams? I have one, and that should be explained in the next section of this story.

You shall see the life as it is of mine
(End of Preview)